We need you

As I said, I haven't got very much time now, so if you want to become a part of this site, WE NEED YOU.
We are still searching for newsposter/graphic maker:

What you should do as a newsposter:
• search for Gemma News/ New Photos (one time in a week, if possible)
• you should be a gemma fan/want to become one
• make a credit at all photos, that you are posting of Gemma (to racheldevine.com/ or credit like that: ©rachel devine)

What you should do as a graphicer:
• You should know, how to design
• You should have a programm like Photoshop, Gimp (if you're good at that)
• please send me a work of your's
• you can make icons/wallpapers/blends/videos/...
• you have to make one graphic in one month


1 comment:

  1. Hope you find a good news poster and graphic maker.