New Layout (COMMING SOON!)

Hey guys!
I made a NEW HEADER for the site:) hope, you like it...;)
xoxo, Lana<3


New Video etc

Hey guys! I didn't updated for a while, SORRY. And thanks to Ritawe have a NEW video, uploaded by Gemma's mum and some news! And I'm still searching for a newsposter on our site!!! Lana

1) Gemma has now lost three teeth! 
2) Our little dancing queen is now a superstar! She does perfomances for her family(even at a 'hippie commune, according to Rachel's Facebook). 
3) Gemma wants to be a hula hoop dancer when she gets older! 
4) Gemma is taking pictures more often, and has finally updated her blog
5) Rachel knows about the Gemma fans and watches many of the videos.

May I will post the new photos of Gemma with a credit of Rachel, but know you can view all of them at Rachel's blog: racheldevine.com/blog or sesameellis.com!


We need you

As I said, I haven't got very much time now, so if you want to become a part of this site, WE NEED YOU.
We are still searching for newsposter/graphic maker:

What you should do as a newsposter:
• search for Gemma News/ New Photos (one time in a week, if possible)
• you should be a gemma fan/want to become one
• make a credit at all photos, that you are posting of Gemma (to racheldevine.com/ or credit like that: ©rachel devine)

What you should do as a graphicer:
• You should know, how to design
• You should have a programm like Photoshop, Gimp (if you're good at that)
• please send me a work of your's
• you can make icons/wallpapers/blends/videos/...
• you have to make one graphic in one month


New Video

Hey guys! We've got a new donation by Kali, please take a look! xoxo Lana



Hey guys! We've got a new Video of the month, by Chelsey. You are making Gemma Videos, too and want, that it become our VOTM? Send me an email!